Fusion CI Studios specializes exclusively in photo-real dynamic fx -- cg fluids, fire, smoke, destruction fx & all kinds of particle work.  Using RealFlow, Maya, Houdini, Fume FX, Krakatoa 3DS Max, Maxwell and proprietary tools & technologies designed to increase the productivity & creativity of off-the-shelf software, Fusion creates state-of-the-art simulations or rendered & comp'd elements for your commercial, game, television or feature film projects. We also offer pipeline consultation & development, r&d work and remote team-supervision.  Complex, high-end fx usually reserved for the few grand-scale vfx companies are now available to any experienced vfx studio using off-the-shelf software... and Fusion's know-how. Cool. (more...)


Lauren Millar and Mark Stasiuk are the co-founders of Fusion CI Studios. They met on a Caribbean island during a volcanic eruption. He, a volcano scientist. She, a filmmaker. The result? Fusion ... (more...)


News about Fusion CI Studios, RealFlow experts (more...)