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Next Limit Technologies / January 2006

Next Limit Technologies, makers of RealFlow physical simulation software, are proud to announce the new availability of in-house production support for vfx studios in North America.

After several months of research and development with Vancouver and Los Angeles based vfx studio, Fusion CIS, Next Limit is proud to offer a dynamic new version of RealFlow (RF4), plus an alliance with Fusion CIS to offer support to vfx studios in North America. Mark Stasiuk (Fusion CIS), with a PhD in fluid dynamics, is an expert in RealFlow custom scripting, scene building/supervision, shot production, and fluid fx pipeline consultation. Stasiuk has consulted with high-end studios on feature film, broadcast and commercial work from New York to Los Angeles.

With Stasiuk's expertise, studios have been able to simultaneously develop their fluid VFX pipelines and produce shots at scales previously unheard of for RealFlow effects.

Mark's direct collaboration with Next Limit in simulation r&d means that he brings to productions specialized information on RealFlow's capabilities and upcoming features, and the possibility to work with the development cycle in order to better meet a major project's needs.

Through Mark, Next Limit Technologies also offers specialized training of vfx artists in the enhanced capabilities of RF4 anywhere in North America.

Studios in North America wishing to see firsthand the new range of capabilities of RF4, wanting to discuss their current and future fluid VFX needs, or to get help with demanding fluid VFX shots, should contact Mark directly.