Fusion Computer Imagery Studios (Fusion CIS) is committed to excelling at complex fluid & dynamic fx challenges.  Realistic physical simulation is the core of our work (complex particle & fluid fx and rigid & soft body dynamics) all at uncompromising, photo-real, feature-film quality.

Photo-real fluid & dynamic fx remain one of the greatest challenges in the visual effects industry.  Creating realistic ocean surfaces, waves or fire & explosions  that behave naturally while interacting with rigid body formations was, until recently, something reserved for the deep pockets of large vfx studios with a team of scientists developing proprietary software.

However, with a PhD in geophysical fluid dynamics and mathematical acumen, Mark Stasiuk, Fusion co-founder and CG Supervisor, is leveling the playing field. He's making high-end dynamic fx work accessible to any accomplished vfx studio who works with Fusion. Our team will customize the software to create the caliber of fx your project demands.  A devoted dynamic fx artist since 2002, Mark has become known around the world as a top fluid & dynamic fx expert.  His Python and C++ scripting skills can  make off-the-shelf software excel beyond expectation.

Fusion CIS provides:

  1. assets developed, simulated, and rendered (if desired) as per your project's shot requirements
  2. bid consultation, custom python and C++ scripting, scene-building, remote team supervision, fx pipeline & tool development
  3. research & development - Fusion provides algorithm and custom scripting R & D for the unique requirements of individual vfx studios
  4. studio training in the significantly enhanced capabilities of RealFlow and other fx software


Mark's expertise in creating unique custom scripts has allowed studios with no significant fluid fx credits to create outstanding fluid fx with Next Limit's RealFlow as the core fluid fx solution.

Core tools:

  • RealFlow
  • Houdini
  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • Krakatoa
  • Fume FX
  • BlastCode
  • Maxwell