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The Guardian

Warner Bros. Pictures
September 2006

Client: Flash Film Works

[ play 'cargo ship' clip ] - [ play 'ocean surface' clip ] - [ play trailer ]



"Mark's deep expertise in real world fluid dynamics, plus his creative and flexible approach to problem solving in RealFlow was the deciding factor between excellent  fluid fx and just plain acceptable."  Dan Novy, Technical Director, Flash Film Works.

The Guardian was an intensely challenging fluid fx project with major breakthroughs re what is possible in fluid fx with a small, talented group of vfx artists and off-the-shelf software. Fusion CIS provided in-house fluid simulation supervision for the primary vfx studio, Flash Film Works, as well fluid dynamic expertise, training, custom python scripting, scene-building and technical liaising with Next Limit Technologies.




Using the beta version of RealFlow 4, a team of 7 RealFlow artists attacked more than 40 fluid shots involving multiple photo-real stormy ocean elements, including boat wakes, bow hits, wave hits, water jets from sinking ships, breaking waves and whitecaps on large 3D ocean surfaces, with some shots hundreds of frames long. The effort required intense r&d by Fusion CIS running concurrently with shot production & supervision.  And Fusion devised custom Python scripts, optimized for speed and stability, to realistically produce turbulent whitewater effects from a deforming polygonal ocean surface.

Fusion also spearheaded the development of the fluid simulation end of a fully 64bit simulation-to-rendering pipeline involving 64bit RealFlow and 64bit Lightwave. Python scripting allowed automatic file creation and execution for simulation, foam, spray and mist passes in a semi-distributed structure. See our press page for articles in 3D World, Computer Graphics World and VFXtalk for more detail on the breakthrough accomplishments on this film.