• National Treasure: Book of Secrets
  • The Guardian
  • Poseidon
  • Santa Clause III


Warner Bros.
May 2006

Client: CIS Hollywood

[ play Broadway shot ] - [ play layers of Broadway shot ] - [ play Poseidon Trailer ]

Working in-house with the CG team at CIS Hollywood, Fusion CIS provided RealFlow training, developed a RealFlow-based fluid fx pipeline, and worked through challenging r & d to achieve exceptional photo-real effects.

The most challenging shot was a violent flood of water down a debris-laden corridor, called the "Broadway shot." The water had to be absolutely realistic because of a last-second cut to a practical dump-tank element in the extreme foreground.

The first challenge was developing a realistic simulation scaled to run effectively and still represent, at least visually, the behaviour of water.

The second major challenge was to rapidly achieve the large scale, turbulent effect of spray generation linked to the flow dynamics. This r & d ran concurrent with production. Using new Python scripting features in the RealFlow4 alpha we produced tens of millions of particles from the most violently moving outer fluid particles of the core simulation. Because this was executed as a post-process, it was very fast and highly controllable, allowing the addition of tens of millions of particles triggered by fluid dynamic conditions.

Fusion CIS thanks Kyle Yamamoto of CIS Hollywood for putting together this clip of Broadway shot fluid elements.