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Frey Chocolate

Client: Asylum VFX, Santa Monica


We created these unprecedented morphing chocolate effects for Asylum VFX in Santa Monica, (www.asylumfx.com ) on this Frey Chocolate commercial using 3 of Fusion's proprietary technologies:

1-- a custom ribbon force field which kept the mid-air flows of chocolate flattened along a ribbon-like path to make it less snake like and more like the desired mid-air stream of chocolate.

2 -- Fusion's fluid morphing technologies to form the shapes.

3 -- Fusion's recently developed smorganic technology to prevent the cg fluid from breaking apart into webbing as cg fluids often do. This is particularly important as Asylum's client wanted the chocolate to look smooth and rich and creamy of course.

Fusion also developed the lighting and shaders for the chocolate and rendered.

Asylum VFX in Santa Monica art-directed, created the geometry, animated the geo in camera and did comp'ing and finishing.


Ping Pong Film, Switzerland

Asylum VFX:
Tim Davies, CG Artist
Les Major, CG Artist
Jeff Werner, Head of CG
Diana Cheng,  Producer
Michael Pardee,  Executive Producer
Nathan McGuinness, Creative Director

Mike Wallner, CG Artist
Eric Rosenthal, CG Artist
Dan Novy. CG Artist
Mark Stasiuk, VFX Supervisor
Lauren Millar, Executive Producer

See a case study for details about the creation of this spot.