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Target -- Hello-Goodbuy

Client: Radium

[ Play  low res "Wet 'n Wild" ]    [ Play low res "Red, White & Chocolate" ]


 "Fusion's commitment to excellence, technical know-how and overall professionalism made the job a breeze.  RealFlow is a challenging application under the best circumstances, but Fusion allowed us to deliver the job on-time and on-budget.  The final spot surpassed all our and our client's expectations."
                                           Aladino Debert, Creative Director/Head of CG, Radium

Because of Mark's unparalleled expertise as a RealFlow artist, Radium asked Fusion CI Studios to create the fluid fx for a series of vignettes in Target's Hello-Goodbuy campaign.  Radium handled all non-fluid aspects while Fusion spewed water from dancing Dasani bottles, filled letters with Crystal Light and oozed chocolate to form a sweet Hershey's Kiss.

The water look was designed to have a high-speed photography look and was a result of close collaboration among the artists at both studios, with Radium handling lighting techniques and Fusion developing methods for controlled slow-motion splashes and a directable level of fine droplets to meet the client's vision. For the Hershey's Kiss, Fusion created a method of rapidly forming the kiss shape from a stream of chocolate, which allowed the fluid to look like it was quickly but smoothly solidifying in an appealing way, without jitter and jiggle.