Fusion has created a wide range of natural phenomena using custom coding and methodologies. When applied in many projects. they're developed into suites of tools, becoming part of our core technologies.

Our proprietary method for smooth and organic cg fluids, even when forming impossibly thin, delicate sheets. More on Smorganic here.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Share A Coke Campaign
Valspar Paint
Renuage Brandy

A tool allowing natural fluid flow to form any 3D object. More here in the cutting-edge Whole Water Commercial.


A combination of our Smorganic and Morph tools, with a variety of added functionalities.
Applied to chocolate for Frey Chocolate
Applied to paint for Puma Fragrance.
Applied to water for a BoA music video.

A method that elegantly wets the surface of any geometry, increasing realism - See the case study for stormy ocean sea fx for  ABC's "Once Upon A Time", The Stranger Episode.

Particle simulations for flame behaviour from candles to forest fire scales.
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Dynamic changes of state between water and foam to give water shots an ultra-real look.
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Swirling smoke and mist effects for dramatic atmoshere.
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Classic naptha-type 'Hollywood' explosions.
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Simulations of air bubbles in water at the micro scale.
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Advanced, highly controllable, sculpted fluid splashes for stylized or photoreal work -basic version  & advanced for Olay.

A fast, highly controllable method for creating a wide range of fluid spurts.
See game Dying Light: wrench hit 1, wrench hit 2, and hammer whack.
Exotic blood splatter for a film.

Created for a commercial project to reproduce the look of paint splashing off a speaker, the end result is very similar to reality - Paint Dancing.

Air entrainment trails behind projectiles through a water surface.
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This silky smooth texture comes from our proprietary smorganic technology which prevents the fluid from breaking up into the typical webbing that you often see in cg fluids.
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Paint dripping down a wall with RealFlow.  Apparently simple.  Fiendishly complex.
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Paint flying through the air.
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A custom toolset creating flows of fine particulates, either dilute (dust) or concentrated flows (sand).

AURORA FX (particle fabric)
A custom particle method developed for an international AMEX installation project, using tens of millions of particles in streams pulled by the originating geometry, to form an aurora-like wake behind animated figures. See the AMEX spot.


Tools adding distributed whitecaps and large hero wave crests to stormy ocean surfaces. For Whitecapper see The Guardian. Wavecrests see Once Upon A Time.


A method for adding turbulence to fluids thru art-directable swarm of dynamically-driven vorticies, important for boat wakes. National Treasure: Books of Secrets - a raging river (r&d; final shot breakdown).


A toolset for quickly creating whitewater and waterline effects around objects on an ocean surface, like bow and stern wakes around boats or splashy interaction around floating debris to create realism. See it in action around a moving yacht in rough seas here, and around a sinking yacht here: sim and render.


A tool for rapidly adding massive amounts of mist-like fine spray to any core water simulation, with extreme amounts of control/art-directability. Used in Toyota splashes, and GI Joe (core water without spray; spray element by itself; core water and spray from the shot cam).


Major suites of thematic tools developed over years of production work, giving us unprecedented control on fluids (which includes fire, smoke,etc) and the capability to quickly create advanced fx that just aren't possible with "off the shelf" software but are demanded in most projects.

Developed and refined over several years, Smorganic represents a suite of fluid dynamics tools that alters the native behavior of the RealFlow fluid solver, to account for microscopic effects of surface tension when fluids form super-thin sheets. Real fluids, when pouring and splashing vigorously, persist as extremely thin, continuous sheets and long, narrow tendrils that break into droplets. CG fluids cannot stop from disrupting and forming "spider webbed" holes, and when splashing form visually messy swarms of droplets. Smorganic dynamically prevents this disruption and allows CG fluid to form and persist as 1-particle-thick sheets. This technology is used to give splashes a silky smooth, hyper-realistic look, and simultaneously allows us to have significant levels of art-direction on the tendrils and droplets around the main body of the splash.

A combination of our smorganic technology and our fluid morphing technology, used to make fluids adopt the shape of 3D objects while retaining a silky-smooth look. This technology extends our MORPH toolset, and in addtion we built in the ability to carefully control both the level of SMORGANIC and MORPH independently, as well as to blast away the fluid for a different style of behavior.


A plugin that creates extremely realistic "wetting" water on geometry, for sheeting / rivuleting / washing water across the decks of ships, from creatures rising out of oceans and on characters soaked in rain storms. Used in many productions, such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (title sequence), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Once Upon A Time, and many commercials.

A plugin devised to create massive quantities of particle spray from pre-existing fluid simulations in a highly controllable way, used to add in realistic spray to achieve correct scale for large ocean fx such as bow wakes, impact splashes and explosions. This technology has been used on many of Fusion's projects, including Poseidon, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and The Three Musketeers.

A technology developed to inject true vortex-style turbulence into cg fluid sims. All CG fluid solvers either leave out turbulence or over-dampen their effects to retain stability. Vortraj brings it back, and in a highly controllable way, to allow us to art-direct the turbulence. This technology is crucial to achieving photorealistic ship wakes, whose swirling turbulence are a key characteristic that our eyes are highly tuned to seeing. Used to create boat wakes on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and to create a raging river simulation in Nation Treasure: Book of Secrets.


A plugin that analyses CG ocean surfaces and creates fluid whitecap simulations at relevant locations based on geometrical and dynamic thresholds. Used in multiple productions including The Guardian, Once Upon A Time, Green Arrow.

A tool that allows the creation of large-volume, hero wave breaks on the open ocean in an art-directed way. For such hero elements, directors always want a level of art-directability, to make these elements more like characters than natural phenomena. This means that the technology cannot be fully automated, and instead has to be able to adapt to a director's needs and leave behind the laws of physics. To do this, our tool provides a variety of controls so that we can place these elements where they are wanted and give them a splashiness, volume, size, lifetime etc. as desired, so they still look like a natural creation, but in reality are guided by forcefields to be whatever the shot demands.

A toolset needed endlessly in films, commercials and game trailers, the iconic circular splash creating a crown of droplets is incredibly common -- but cannot be created "out of the box". Our tools allow full control on the size, height, spread and tendril/droplet distribution around the margin of the crown.