Building off our fire r & d, we've moved a similar behaviour to a case where the fire expands rapidly outward, and then becomes highly buoyant -- explosions!

Key to the success of this behaviour were new force-sculpting techniques based on the phenomenology of turbulence and interaction with the ambient air, as well as full coupling between the particle dynamics and the shaping forces.

These explosion simulations are highly directable in form and speed, and will directly interact with scene objects by both flowing around them, and dynamically pushing them around.

This is an area of rapidly evolving development, in terms of behaviour, control and also rendering technology -- so contact us for updates.

[ Explosion simulation with lateral velocity component, side view ]

[ Explosion simulation with lateral velocity component, perspective view ]

[ Half-fireball simulation with plasma-type settings ]

[ Explosion simulation, side view ]

[ Four flame simulations with varying conditions ]