A series of recent r & d breakthroughs are allowing us expand our efforts into the area of pyrotechnical fluid simulations.

This array of results shows a range of behaviours with increasing degree of turbulence and detail, and thus different scales of fire. The simulation method works by modeling the force influence of the environment, allowing us to perform a particle simulation only for the flame. This means increased speed, lower RAM needs and greater stability, and allows the flame to move freely through scene space.

These methods carry the usual major advantages of RealFlow simulations -- especially the ability for the fluid to move scene objects and be moved by scene objects.

R & D in this area is moving forward rapidly, including development of render techniques, so contact us for updates.

[ Single flame simulation, medium turbulence  ]

[ Rendered single flame simulation, medium turbulence ]

[ Single flame simulation, higher resolution and turbulence ]

[ Single flame simulation, higher resolution, turbulence and buoyancy ]

[ Flame simulation as a rocket trail ]

[ Flamethrower simulation ]